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Reliability evolving

High speed and quality digital printing for cotton, silk, hemp (linen), and rayon.
The Tx500-1800B features a conveyor belt system to ensure stable feeding of materials, especially for elastic fabric. The concept of this product is High-speed printing, as it has been with its preceding models TS500-1800 and Tx500-1800DS.
  • Substantializing high definition print
    • Nongranular, high image quality is achieved by variable dot sizes of 7pl and 21pl.
  • High quality print with reliability
    • A function to reduce banding (stripes in the direction of media feed) during printing is provided.
  • Fast print speed
    • Draft mode: 140m2/h (4-color spec), 85m2/h (6/8-color spec)
  • User friendly function
    • Large capacity ink bottle and UISS function, Degassing module, Easy media loading and operation software standard
POINT 1: Substantializing high definition print
  • Minimum 7pl of ink ejection
    • Ink ejection with a minimum of 7pl allows fine and rich gradation expression and high-definition print.
  • Variable dot
    • High image quality, nongranular and smooth print is achieved by variable dot sizes of 7pl and 21pl.
POINT 2: High quality print with reliability
  • Function to reduce and correct banding
    • CFC (Correct Feeding Control) is equipped to measure and adjust the feed rate of fabric, enabling it to automatically reduce and correct the level differences at the joints of the conveyance belt (0.1mm to 0.2mm) and the banding (stripes in the direction of media feed) generated by uneven fabric feed.  The print quality is kept stable with an even feed.
  • MAPS
    • When banding can not be eliminated by feed correction, the MAPS function makes it less visible by dispersing pass boundaries. (When using MAPS, print speed will change depending on the mode)
      * MAPS=Mimaki Advanced Pass System
  • Nozzle recovery function
    • When nozzle malfunction occurs and cannot be repaired by the use of the maintenance nozzle cleaning function, you can continue to print without lowering the image quality by the use of another nozzle, without loss of time.
      * The recoverability of the nozzle recovery function is limited.
  • Automatic belt washing
    • Stained conveyor belt is automatically washed with cold water and then automatically dried with an air blade. By keeping the conveyor belt clean, the media is protected from getting dirty or wet.
      * Piping for feed water & drainage is necessary.
POINT 3: Astonishing print speed
  • 140m2/h (4-color spec) 85m2/h (6/8-color spec)          
    • (*The above speed is achieved by turning OFF banding reduction & correction)
      This machine achieves high speed print at a maximum of 140m2/h. It is ready for quick delivery and immediate delivery orders.    
  • Newly developed head     
    • Head configuration is six head, three staggered. Head length of 159mm enables high-speed printing (1.6 times faster in our company)
POINT 4: User Friendly Functions
  • Ink degassing module "MDM-20"
    • The printer body is equipped with the ink degassing module "MDM-20".
      This function reduces nozzle clogging caused by ink line bubbles, increasing the reliability of ink ejection.
      * MDM=Mimaki Degassing Module
      This enables non-degassed ink to be supplied in a large capacity 2L bottle.       
  • Large capacity ink bottle and UISS function    
    • 2-Liter ink bottles are used for printing. Furthermore, it is possible to set two bottles per color with UISS function to replace an empty bottle automatically. This reduces ink shortage, dramatically increasing work efficiency.
      * UISS function is available only for four-color configuration.  
  •  Easy Media setting / LED light    
  •  Easy Operation RIP  

Optional heaters to further improve productivity
You can choose between two types of heaters according to your operating conditions.
Maximum print width: 1,820 mm (71.7")

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