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  • Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, finished garments and more!
  • Perfect for established or home businesses
  • High Definition True Color 8” LCD Touch Screen
  • Maximum embroidery area: 500 x 360 mm, or 20 x 14 in for 1,
  • 2 and 3 head machines; 400 x 360 mm, or 16 x 14 in for 4 head machine
  • Heavy duty steel stand with wheels to ensure both stability and mobility
  • Thread break detection
  • Maximum speed: 1200 SPM (for 1-head) / 1000 SPM (for 2-4 head models)
  • Large memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs
  • External 100° button and trimming button
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Machine reads multiple design format such as DST, DSB and more
  • 270° wide angle cap system for 1-head, 2-head and 3-head;
  • 215°cap system for 4-head machine
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Networkable and Wi-Fi capable
  • One-step tracing button on home screen
  • Servo motor 150W – lowest power consumption in the industry!
  • Built-in universal power supply, 110V/60Hz and 200V/50Hz selfadaptable worldwide
  • DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration
  • Automatic memory retention
  • Easily add appliqué, sequin, boring or cording
  • Built-in button from 172° to 196° under manual color change mode, a great help for machine maintenance
  • Adjustable control panel positioning for better visibility and comfort
  • Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive
  • Compatible with optional laser tracing device
  • Emergency stop button
  • Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese,
  • Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and more
  • Wide overhead arm system for easy embroidery on bulky items
  • Double LED lights for a wider field of view
  • Front LED lamp provides better visibility and protection for eyes against strong light during threading
  • One-piece rack for more stability (for 3-4 head models)
  • Conveniently placed power on/off switch on top of machine
  • Reinforced upper thread clamp to ensure stable trimming
  • Smaller sewing arm greatly improves the performance of cap embroidery and embroidery on small items
  • Optional stepper motor closed-loop configuration allows the embroidery to appear more three-dimensional
  • 2-4 heads allows for mass production
  • High torque main motor (for 3-4 head models)

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